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申诉信的套路分以下 5 步走:







Example 1



首先作为一名刚在亚马逊上销售没多久的卖家(该账户正式开始销售于 2016 年6 月份),我们缺乏对亚马逊规则的认知,没有认真去了解亚马逊的规则和违禁品。

其次,在亚马逊提出的几个 XX 产品里,我们销售团队在中国市场的中国天猫/淘宝电商平台上均进行了销售,并且已经取得了 XX 公司的授权。


我们团队第一次入驻亚马逊欧洲站进行销售,在中国市场我们有很好的销售业绩和口碑,希望亚马逊卖家团队能考虑我们希望在亚马逊欧洲站继续销售的真诚,恢复我们账号销售权。(我们团队可以保证,已经销售和发运的 XX 产品均是正品行货,如后期有客户投诉说产品是假货,我们愿意无理由赔偿)



3:检查账号所有卖出的产品,如果客户反映任何不满意或者产品问题,我们将在 12 小时内为他们解决问题。


附件中我提供了我们向 xx 公司的采购合同及发票(2016 年 4 月)



Example 2









在 12 小时内为他们解决问题。








Dear Amazon seller support, Thank you for your concern of our account. We received a notification today that our selling privilege has been removed cause
we sold counterfeit products. We immediately check the listings. Firstly we are very sorry about our ignorance, we are new to Amazon selling, we are
lacking of the rules and policies when sell on your platform. Secondly, as the items of Amazon seller performance stated, we did not know this
product is with its own brand, to this point we acknowledge it is our fault. We had removed the listings and promise we won't sell it again on Amazon if we do
not get the warrant. Would you please consider the account seller rating and customers feedback to
us? We provided customer both good products and customer service. We never got
a claim or negative feedback. Hope Amazon can look through to it.
If you can give us a chance, we will do as follows:
1. Absolutely, we will see through all the policies and rules about selling on your
platform.2. We will check the listings in our account to see if there has some which do not
meet your requirements, if it does, we will fix it immediately. 3. We will check all the products we've been sold, any complaints or product issues
we will solve them in proper way within 12h in favor of the customer's right. 4. If any selling questions, we will consult Amazon for help. Sincerely, we write this. We will try our best to provide our sales on Amazon. We believe Amazon will give this issue a serious consideration, and to us, there is a
hope, a new chance for us!
Look forward to receive your reply. Best regards


Example 1

新店上 LISTING 时因图片侵权被禁售
Dear Seller Performance Team,
Thank you for your notification on the policy violation on the......, we would like to
sincerely apologize for the terrible mistake we made. We are a small company in China focusing on foreign trade and selling on Amazon US
has been one of our ultimate dreams. We did a lot of preparation in order to launch our store in Amazon and worked with
the Amazon sales manager Mr. .... on a lot of details including the can do's and can'ts. He informed us beforehand that image and character violation is a very serious issue
in Amazon and we have taken that very very seriously. However, one of our sales staff ,who is new to the company, accidentally put this
product onto the list because we would like to start our sales with 50 skus ( We had
49 skus ready at that time.) He uploaded the product without everyone's else's
knowledge and I would in person would like to apologize again for my carelessness in
staff management. Here are the things our company has done to prevent such issue from happening
again.1. We just organized a training again on the can's and can't the sales manager Henry
sent us,especially emphasizing on the policy violation including image violation of
products and wording violation on product and checked all the product that we have
already listed. 2. We deleted all the products that we think that could potentially violate the
policies. 3. We have setup rules in the company that all of our inventory must be carefully
reviewed and would not violate any Amazon policies before adding to our inventory
and listing on Amazon.
I would like to apologize for a third time for my carelessness in management ,and
please do let us know what else can we do to reinstate our account and we will do
everything we can to meet the target. Looking forward to hearing from you. your name

Example 2

Dear Amazon Team, We received a policy warning stated that Amazon has removed some images form our site because of a rights owner complaint about
image(s) that infringe its intellectual property rights. ASIN: Complaint ID: The picture that Amazon has removed: 图片链接:
We always work hard to assure we are meeting the standards set by Amazon and our own standards of quality customer service, it is hard for us to believe that our images infringe others' intellectual property rights. All the photos of this item (ASIN: B01DKFMSEW) was
taken and designed by our designer.Firstly, we contact the rights owner directly to resolve this dispute. We asked the right owner review the pictures,finally, he found that
the picture is from us, below is the screenshoot of our e-mail.(Have attached)
Email 1: 邮件链接
Email 2: 邮件链接
Secondly, We have advised the rights owner to contact Amazon at to withdraw the
complaint.(I have mentioned it in e-mail)
Thirdly, we can provide all the photo and source file as an evidence.(Please see the attachment)
1. Photo
Taken From: Shooting Time: Shooting Location: 2. Source File: You can see how we processing the picutre in Photoshop. Please review this case, and we are looing for a fair and just reply.If you need additional details, please kindly
contact us, we will reply you in the first time. Best Regards Lucy


Example 1

1、混乱的管理模式, 缺货,通过 ERP 发货,与客户沟通不足,还有选择错误的物流方式才导致迟发率高于 4%。
如果恢复我们的销售权,我们会做以下几点:1、为了避免这种情况在发生,我们后续将会 100%选择 FBA, 不会选择其他渠道,我们已经有一名员工专门负责 FBA。
2、实现我们的目标不到 4%准时购物,我们有准备 FBA 货物雇佣更多的员工。此
3、最重要的是,如果我们 FBA 出售货物,不会有货物迟交。而且,客户将获得一个完美的购物体验。所以,出于这个原因,请给我们一个机会,活跃我们的帐户。因为我们已经发现 FBA 是最好的方法来解决这个问题(货物迟交)。

Example 2

To whom it may concern, We are contacting you regarding our seller account suspension. We realize the
delays in shipping orders has not complied with Amazon's performance target of less
than 4%, nor our target of less than 2%. We have reviewed our fulfillment procedures and have determined the two areas
that need to be addressed:Shipment Creation and Inventory Availability. We realize we needed additional support for managing fulfillment for our Amazon
orders. To achieve our goal of more than 98% on-time shipping, we have added
additional staff to support the sales person in our retail store who handles Amazon
fulfillment. This will allow us to have packages prepared and ready to ship more
efficiently. To address inventory availability issues we have consolidated our Amazon inventory
into one location to speed shipment creation. Having all Amazon inventory at one
location will eliminate delays in getting product out by the Expected Ship Date.Thank you for considering this appeal.

Example 3

迟发货+缺货+回复客户慢收到 A-Z
I understand that recently our performance as a seller on has fallen
below both Amazon's and our own standards of quality.
I believe there are two main reasons this has happened:
Disorganization in our inventory management has resulted in late shipments and, even worse, unavailable items. When late shipments and unavailable items have occurred our response to has been
too slow and communication with customers has not been adequate.
I believe it is mainly because of our inadequate communication that we have
recently seen an increase in customer A-z guarantee claims which has resulted in our
order defect rate exceeding the performance target of <1%. Plan of Action:
We are taking the following steps to improve our performance:
Improve inventory control by reducing the number of items offered until we have
systems in place to more adequately handle the number of orders we are receiving. Most importantly, we will respond more quickly and proactively to any problems
with customer orders to keep our customers more informed and help prevent A-z
guarantee claims.
In addition, we will more aggressively monitor our performance metrics to assure we
are meeting the standards set by Amazon and our own standards of quality
customer service.
In evaluating our selling practices, we found a mistake in our inventory upload file. Our Plan of Action:
Our inventory file has been reviewed. All misclassified condition items have been
re-categorized to follow Amazon's Condition Guidelines. Entire inventory has been
deleted from Marketplace to reflect all changes.All of our vendors' inventory will be reviewed before adding to our inventory. Please
let us know what should be done to reinstate our account, we are looking forward to

hearing from you.

Example 4

收到 A-Z,被冻结账户
Dear Seller Performance Team, Thank you for your concern of our account. Before receiving the performance review
notification, we were exactly working with the customers to resolve their problem. We firmly believe that we're not only providing the product but also the customer
service. Firstly, we're very sorry about our negligence of packaging, and the incaution of
carrying and transporting by logistics company which result in defective working
condition of one item, we had to ship the replacement but had the customer waiting
more time for delivery, they are kind but we are sorry. (讲清楚没包装运输过程中
Secondly, the incaution of testing and checking up by the tester in factory result in
missing indicator light covers of one item, which in normal working condition but
give customer defective impression of the product, we had contact with the
customer and shipped the missing element, and sorry to bring him inconvenience. (发货前的出厂检查不够细致收到的产品缺零部件)
These are our faults due to lack of strict management of the product and service
providers. Thirdly, we're new to Amazon selling and lack of familiarity with the rules and
message system using, which result in missing timely response to 4 messages from
the buyers on our months ago arranged long holiday, it was supposed the messages
would notice timely on mobile phone email system to us but it didn't work, we
promise this would never ever happen again to the customers.(没有及时回复顾客
We would like to earnestly beg your consideration about the feedback of other items
received by other buyers, some of them had left positive feedbacks and reviews to
the product and admired our customer service. We promise to provide customers
both good products and good customer service.If we have the chance to continue selling on Amazon, we will do as follows:
1. We will ask the factory to execute stricter checking up and testing process for our
products, and request every confirmation and signature of testing result for every
product from the tester in factory. We self will execute sampling check for different
production batch and regular visit to production line of the factory every week. Make sure we ship out every item in integral and good working condition. 2. We will ask the factory to package with stronger crash proof and shockproof
measure, like filling in the blanks with proof foam and wrapping up with hard carton. Change the logistics service provider with better transporting service. 3. We will keep login in the Amazon seller center on PC and check out buyer message
at least three times a day, to ensure promptly response to the customer with 12
hours. And passionately handle any queries or complaints or product issues from
every customer, will keep notice customer forwardly for the tracking information of
the transporting package. To improve the customer experience by pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale process. We write this sincerely and will try our best to provide good products and customer
service on Amazon. Meanwhile, we sincerely hope Amazon team will give serious
consideration and give us a new chance. This is not only chance but also hope to us, we eagerly hope we can further develop our undertaking here. Look forward to
hearing from your reply. Thank you very much. Best Regards, XXX

Example 5

客服未及时解决问题收到 A-Z 或被移除销售权
Dear Amazon Seller Performance Team, We understand that recently our performance as a seller on has fallen
below both Amazon's and our own standards of quality.
I believe it is mainly because of our inadequate communication that we have
recently seen two A-z guarantee claims which have resulted in our ODR exceeding
the performance target of <1%.Unfortunately, we changed the Listings Status to be Inactive from 23/01/2014 to
06/02/2014 because of a long vacation, obviously,the two complaints are nightmare
during the period without order. Plan of Action: We are taking the following steps to improve our performance:
1. Review all of products to make sure that the pictures and descriptions are
accurately match with our products. 2. Most importantly, we will complete the investigation more quickly and proactively
(within12 hours) to any problems with customer orders to keep our customers
more informed and help prevent A-z guarantee claims as much as possible, then
replacement or a full refund will be done within 24 hours
3. In addition, we will more aggressively monitor our performance metrics to assure
we are meeting the standards set by Amazon and our own standards of quality
customer service.

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